Monday Motivation – Finding the Drive to Work Out From Home

Monday Motivation – Finding the Drive to Work Out From Home

I’m not sure where you live, but here in Denver we have the shelter-in-place ordinance going on. We are told to stay at home and only leave for essentials. Since the order was announced, we have only left for the grocery store, Jackson’s vet appointment, and to drop by my favorite coffee shop to support them daily. Other than that, we are stuck at home. I’ve worked from home for 7+ years so nothing much has changed for me, but I know MANY people feel the opposite. Especially when it comes to working out from home.

So today I want to talk through ways to “motivate” yourself to work out while at home. First we gotta debunk something – if you are waiting for motivation to come to you, you may be waiting for quite a while. We all get those feelings of motivation at times, but if you want to stick with something day-in and day-out, it’s not about motivation – it’s about dedication. Dedication and consistency. And even though your routine is now thrown off, it doesn’t mean your goals have to be thrown off, as well.

Creating a schedule for yourself is key to being at home all day. If you’re like most people, you’re staying in pajamas all day long, forgetting to brush your teeth, and snacking throughout the day. Then before you know it, it’s 5pm and it’s time to start thinking about dinner instead of working out. Then you don’t work out and the whole process starts over again tomorrow. You gotta cut that routine out. Instead, find a schedule that works for you and sets you up for success. It might look a little something like this –

  • Wake up – Coffee – Brush your teeth
  • Workout
  • Shower
  • Work
  • Make lunch
  • Go on a walk
  • Work
  • Make dinner
  • Binge Netflix

I know that all seems quite simple, but if you can create some sort of schedule for yourself and get your workout done right away, you won’t be able to come up with excuses as you move throughout the day. And as that new schedule becomes your new routine, the workout will just begin to become part of your day. It wasn’t because of motivation, it was because of your routine. Your routine taught you that you felt good when you stuck with it, so you’ll continue on that path.

Now if you’re used to a gym, with a coach or trainer telling you what to do, you may also feel a little lost in this at-home adventure. But that is where I come into play! I am here to help in any way possible! Here are some ways to get active and moving, even without a coach at home –

  1. Download my Power Program! This 3-month fitness program will walk you through 60 workouts that can all be performed with minimal equipment, in the comfort of your own home! I have video tutorials for each movement to help you with your form and you can also choose between beginner and advanced workouts!
  2. Follow me on instagram! I’m sharing FREE  workouts EVERY DAY, some that are bodyweight and some with minimal equipment, to help you stay moving while you’re stuck at home.
  3. And GET EXCITED because I’m launching another new fitness program THIS WEEK!! It will be another program that can be performed at home with minimal equipment. Plus I’m launching a recipe e-book to keep you cooking up healthy and delicious food at home.

Remember, it’s not about motivation, it’s about DEDICATION! You get to decide every day what kind of effort you’re going to put into yourself. No excuses, just action. Now go get after it!!

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