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During the last few years, the small and medium business enterprises in Kerala were not putting much effort to dominate the online platforms. But the present scenario has changed in the present time. Now Kerala has become the 1st state which declared the Internet as the basic right and also provided free Wi-Fi for 20 lakh citizens. It indicates the importance of internet marketing in Kerala during the coming years. Digital marketing is the most effective way of communication considering digital growth in the country during these years.Small businesses can engage effectively with multiple customers, and also with customers from any parts of the country. Kerala is the state with the highest literacy rate, and the peoples in the state have understood the importance of internet access, and now they are going digital in daily life. So it is a very effective way of marketing for the current period and future periods. Digital marketing in Kerala has already produced effective results for some of the emerging businesses. These success stories are the motivation for other companies to use digital marketing platforms.



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