Supplementing Through Stress

Supplementing Through Stress

In case you missed it on my blog or instagram stories lately, I have a new favorite collagen peptides brand that I add to my coffee every morning! It’s called Further Food and it’s become my favorite because it not only tastes amazing, but it has the added benefits of reishi mushroom in every scoop! No other collagen peptide brand on the market also has reishi mushroom in it. But Further Food has the benefits of both ingredients in one to help me start my day off in the best way possible!

PaleOMG - Supplementing Through Stress

But Further Food has also recently launched a brand new product – their Ashwagandha supplement! And I couldn’t have tried this supplement at a better time. I had heard of Ashwagandha in the past, but I never really knew what it was for. Ashwagandha is also know as mother nature’s chill pill because it’s pretty much a miracle root! It helps relieve stress and anxiety, it helps improve adrenal function, lower cortisol levels, and it even helps balance mood and boost your immunity. That’s a whoooooole lot of benefits in just one supplement!

And Further Food is the FIRST & ONLY ashwagandha supplement to include bioavailability boosters, avocado oil and black pepper, for superior absorption. These two ingredients help the body absorb it quicker so the mood-boosting properties can start worker faster! All of Further Food’s products are independently lab verified to ensure the high quality, purity, and potency; and their Ashwagandha supplement is no different! It has the highest potency full-spectrum Ashwagandha on the market!

As you may know, this month has been especially stressful. Not only did our dog Jackson go into emergency surgery after a couple weeks of pain, then deal with complications afterwards which made us have to transfer him to a different vet hospital, but my friend was also hit by a car while we were walking in the park. This month was absolutely insane and I spent most nights crying myself to sleep with worry. But something that helped regulate my mood most days was the Further Food Ashwagandha supplement. When I took it consistently, I felt a little weight was taken off my shoulders. It was just what I needed during such a rough patch.

If you’re looking for a little extra boost to your mood or you simply want to grow your hair and nails a little longer with the help of collagen peptides, Further Food has your back! No weird ingredients, no additives, no crap!! Just simple, clean ingredients to make your life a little better! And when you use code PALEOMG on your next Further Food order, you’ll receive 15% off sitewide! Click here to check out all their collagen peptides, superfoods, and supplements!

PaleOMG - Supplementing Through Stress


This post is brought to you by Further Food, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for all your support!

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