Colorado man returning from China goes through home quarantine

Colorado man returning from China goes through home quarantine

THORNTON, Colo. (KDVR) —  A Thornton man just completed his 14-day home quarantine after spending the last nine months in China.

Brant Torres was working in Shenzhen as an educator when he decided to leave due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“The process of trying to get out was difficult,” Torres explained.

He ended up having to fly from China to South Korea before returning to the U.S. due to the travel ban.

Upon arriving in Colorado, the CDC required Torres to complete 14 days of home quarantine.

“It involved daily temperature checks as well as text messages or phone calls from the CDC,” Torres said. “They would just check on my symptoms and my temperature each day.”

During the two-week stretch, Torres was asked to stay indoors (if possible), avoid crowded areas, to not use public transportation, and to stay away from children and the elderly.

Torres completed his quarantine this past Friday.

“The CDC is great because they normalize the process,” Torres said. “It’s easy when you’re coming out of a situation like that to feel like a leper, stigmatized or strange. And the CDC was just really great about eliminating any of those fears or anxieties.”



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