HUGE Colleen Rothschild Leap Year Sale

HUGE Colleen Rothschild Leap Year Sale

As you may know already, I have a deep obsession for all things skincare. After battling cystic acne for years and still going through some ups and downs with my skin in present day, I’m always looking for a brand that works with my skin. And Colleen Rothschild has become one of those brands that blow me away with any product I try. Whether you’re dealing with acne, looking to hydrate your skin, or you just want your skin to age gracefully, Colleen Rothschild has a product for you. And since their Leap Year Sale is currently going on, I wanted to share some of my favorites from the brand that I’ve been using day in and day out!

HUGE Colleen Rothschild Leap Year Sale

First and foremost, I want to talk about the brand new Glycolic Acid Peel Pads with Blue Agave. I have fallen in love with these pads! For the longest time I was using mandelic acid pads, but I found my skin feeling a bit too dry and red every time I used them. So I switched over to these Glycolic Acid Peel Pads and instantly noticed my skin less irritated, brighter and a more even complexion by morning. The Peel Pads work on fine lines and hyperpigmentation so you skin can feel refreshed every time you use them. I pair these Peel Pads with the Vitamin C Treatment Complex since the Vitamin C defends against sun damage and also helps reduce the appearance of dark spots. These two products together are badass! Even though they are both working hard to bring more life to your skin, they won’t leave your skin feeling dry or red like other hyperpigmentation-fighting products can do. They actually leave your skin feel refreshed and hydrated!!

HUGE Colleen Rothschild Leap Year Sale


Now if you’re in Denver like me or you just live in a dry place, I have two products that are here to save your face! The Extreme Recovery Cream and the Beauty Water. This year has been HARD on my skin in Denver. One day it’s bitter cold and windy, and the next day it’s 70 degrees and sunny. My skin has had a tough time adapting. And because of that, most days my skin is left dry and flaky. And for a couple weeks, NOTHING helped. So I hopped onto the Colleen Rothschild website and purchased the Extreme Recovery Cream. It is a LIFE CHANGER! When your skin is dry, not only is it more susceptible to acne, but it’s also going to age faster. This Extreme Recovery Cream gives your skin literally extreme moisture without it feeling heavy or too thick. And it has hyaluronic acid in it to plump the skin. I started using this every night a couple weeks ago and I haven’t dealt with dry skin since. This may be my favorite product of all time because nothing else was working before this!

HUGE Colleen Rothschild Leap Year Sale

And I have to talk about the Beauty Water because I feel like this product is underrated. When my skin was in complete dryness turmoil, I started spraying this before my makeup and after, and it brought so much hydration to my skin throughout the day. Some of the ingredients in this product include coconut water, cucumber extract, and hyaluronic acid, all which hydrate, tone, and plump! You can use it as a primer before your makeup, you can set your makeup with it, AND you can use it throughout the day to refresh your makeup. I keep my Beauty Water in my purse for that exact reason so my skin can always have a boost of hydration throughout the day. There is no other product I would use to refresh my makeup other than this one! It’s seriously such a great invention!

HUGE Colleen Rothschild Leap Year Sale

I could honestly talk highly of every single Colleen Rothschild product (not even kidding), but I’ll share only a handful of other favorites. The Tahitian Monoi Creamy Oil Body Wash and Body Scrub both hydrate while scrubbing the body clean. The Face Oil No. 9 pairs perfectly with my high frequency wand to drive moisture into the skin while working on dark spots and wrinkles. And the Clarifying Detox Mask helps clear my skin of breakouts and blackheads. As you can tell, I LOVE Colleen Rothschild. And if you’re new to the brand or you’re just looking to stock up on your product favorites, Colleen Rothschild is offering BIG deals to celebrate the Leap Year!

  • Save 15% Off Your Order of $100+ when you use code LEAP15
  • Save 20% Off Your Order of $200+ when you use code LEAP20
  • Save 25% Off Your Order of $300+ when you use code LEAP25

Your skin deserves to be taken care of and Colleen Rothschild will make sure your skin feels hydrated, radiant, and glowing every single day! I promise you, you’re going to LOVE these products as much as I do!

Check Out All My Favorite Colleen Rothschild Products Below

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HUGE Colleen Rothschild Leap Year Sale


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