A Flu-Fighting Virus Vaporizer

A Flu-Fighting Virus Vaporizer

Flu season is here and like many, we’re all trying to find ways to stay healthy this flu season.  Well, have you heard of the flu virus vaporizer?  This hired gun may be a way to blast away the vicious virus to keep you healthy and protected.

Enviro-Master, a local Denver company has a flu-fighting team that has a special flu virus vaporizer that claims to wipe out 99.99 percent of influenza germs and continues to fight the flu for seven to nine days after.

This sci-fi looking device puts a positive charge on the germicide as it travels through the gun. This charge allows the germicide to adhere to all services. We use a germicidal spray which wipes out influenza germs as well as Hepatitis, Norovirus and MRSA. The solution we apply is registered with the EPA and is non-toxic. Our product does not harm the environment, does not harm people, and germs cannot build up immunity to it.



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