Monday Motivation – The Weekend Downfall

Monday Motivation – The Weekend Downfall

Let me know if this sounds anything like you –

  • Monday through Sunday afternoon, your diet is absolutely perfect. You could not have eaten cleaner.
  • Friday night rolls around and you’re ready for an EPIC CHEAT MEAL so you have everything you’ve been thinking about all week – pizza, cake, cookies, ice cream, take-out.
  • Saturday comes around and you don’t feel like total crap yet, but you’re still craving different types of food, so you keep the cheat party going! You order Chinese food and you go diving into a box of Oreo’s.
  • Sunday is finally here and you know you gotta clean it up, BUT Monday is the start of your clean eating week, so you say f*ck it and eat and drink whatever the hell you want. Sunday Funday, right?
  • Monday is here. Man do you feel like sh*t now.

When I’m writing you throughout all of those last sentences, I’m actually thinking about myself and my previous behaviors. Maybe this sounds nothing like you and you cannot connect with it, but if I went through it, I’m guessing some of you have or continue to.

I think the weekend downfall all has to do with personality types and figuring out what yours is. For me, restricting myself and telling myself I couldn’t have something Monday-Friday meant I was ready to rebel by Friday night. Telling myself that I was only allowed “cheat meals” on weekends not only put a negative outlook on food itself, but it made me want to rebel against myself. I became my own worst enemy. It’s sometimes hard to explain, but in a shortened version – restricting myself just led to binging later on. It led to my weekend downfall, week after week after week. And this continued for years. I would tell myself I couldn’t have something because it was bad for me, then I would fixate on it and want it 10x more. And because of this, I held on to excess weight and I was never able to find balance or real happiness in my day-to-day life.

When I decided to cut this behavior out and I stopped telling myself I couldn’t have something until the weekend, a few things happened –

  • I stopped craving foods I didn’t really like that much
  • I stopped craving sugar as much
  • I stopped thinking constantly about what I would eat on the weekend
  • I finally lost weight
  • I enjoyed life more because I ate what I wanted, when I wanted (like the adult I was)

When I was so restrictive during the week, all I could think about was food. I obsessed over it to the point that my life revolved around it. And it was exhausting. I would spend the week being as strict as possible only to ruin that hard work on the weekend. And not only was I ruining my hard work physically, but I was halting my progress mentally.

If this sounds like you, it may be worth looking into a different strategy. And it may be worth thinking through your personality type. If restriction doesn’t work with your personality, accept it. You shouldn’t have to constantly think about the weekend, you should be enjoying every day leading up to it. The weekend doesn’t have to be your downfall, it can simply be another great couple days of your week! Hopefully my experience from the past can help with your future!

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