UCHealth’s ‘Mantenance’ campaign encouraging guys to get healthy

UCHealth’s ‘Mantenance’ campaign encouraging guys to get healthy

DENVER – Whether it’s getting a flu shot, learning a healthy recipe or trying a new sport, UCHealth is encouraging men to focus on their own health throughout the month of November.

They call the campaign “Mantenance.”

“Yes, Mantenance,” UCHealth’s Bill Smith told FOX31. “We host it every November. This is the fourth annual and it’s a number of events from physical fitness to cooking classes to flu shots. We want men to focus on their whole health.”

Part of the effort includes women helping the men in their lives pick up more healthy habits, like group fitness classes that men typically do not attend.

Inside cycling studio SoulCycle in Cherry Creek, the lights are turned down low and the music is cranked up loud.

“It’s nothing like outdoor bikes but it’s still fun. It’s really, really fun,” Robert Hunt told FOX31.

Hunt first began cycling about 12 years ago after becoming sober.

“I needed an addiction and so this was a great addiction,” he said.

The 77-year-old now regularly cycles and swims. He has also completed a few triathlons.

The class at SoulCycle is outside of his comfort zone, though, when it comes to physical activity.

“I go to the YMCA and it’s a lot more boring,” Hunt said.

UCHealth is hoping he can serve as an example for other men to try new things as a means to a healthier lifestyle.

Two years ago, Hunt was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

“And that’s a moment,” he said.

Now, he tries to make every single moment count.

“My way of looking at it is: I try to make every day the best day of my life because I don’t know how many days I have,” Hunt said.



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