Brand New PaleOMG Activewear

Brand New PaleOMG Activewear

It’s here!! New Four Athletics x PaleOMG apparel is back and this collection is AWESOME!! It’s honestly my favorite collection yet. The new material is softer than ever, it feels like butter yet it still gives amazing coverage, and a few improvements have been made to make this collection the best one yet! You’re going to love how you look and feel when you’re wearing these new leggings!

So let’s jump into it! If you’re new around here and haven’t purchased from Four Athletics before, I’m going to give you the super short version about this amazing company:

  1. Four Athletics created their USA made company by using a crowdfunding model to match up supply and demand 100% of the time.
  2. This model eliminates waste, cuts out the middleman, and delivers an amazing premium quality product at a fraction of the retail price!
  3. With this model, once the campaign ends on , these pieces will no longer be available and the number of orders will be printed then sent to you!
    • This means you wait just a little bit longer than normal stores. They print exactly how much is purchased so the items won’t go to print until the campaign is over!

Now just a quick tidbit about this collection –

  1. We decided to come out with some fall-inspired colors like burgundy and deep blue
  2. You’ll find 7/8 leggings AND crops available in this collection
  3. The matching longline bra tops are super comfortable and supportive (they do not have pads in them)
  4. This is the first time we are launching tank tops, which can be worn flowy or tight
  5. And you’re going to find my FIRST EVER PaleOMG gym bag

Sooooooo excited for this campaign! Burgundy was my favorite color of fall last season so I wanted to bring it back around with this collection with this rosebud color. The darker burgundy can be found on the lower pieces of the leggings, on the hips, and completely cover the back of the leggings. In the front you’ll find a nice contrast with this light heather burgundy color that pops ever so slightly with the dark burgundy. Does it show sweat around the crotch and butt? Well that totally depends on how much you sweat. But not to worry – these leggings definitely are NOT see through! You can see this set in action in my workout video here!

Shop Rosebud 7/8 Leggings and Sports Bra

Brand New PaleOMG Activewear

Out of all three colors we are launching with this collection, this teal with navy is my FAVORITE! It’s called Deep Ocean and I think it’s such a beautiful color, almost like an emerald stone, but not, but kind of. You get it, right? And what I love about all three sets is that the waistband is seamless so there is no pinching happening around the high waistband! I always hate when leggings pinch there so I made sure these ones were seamless! Click here to see this set in action in one of my recent workout videos!

Shop Deep Ocean 7/8 Leggings, Crops, and Sports Bra

Brand New PaleOMG Activewear

And I obviously had to throw in a black and grey set for all your basic b*tches out there. And when I say basic b*tches, I am included in that percentage. Black is always my go-to whenever I don’t know what to wear or I’m just feeling a little off. It always makes me feel sleek and like a little badass in the gym! I think the dark heather grey goes so well with black! You can also see this set in action in my recent workout video here!

Shop Black & Charcoal 7/8 Leggings, Crops, and Sports Bra

Brand New PaleOMG Activewear

Now let’s chat about the brand new product we have this season – tank tops!! This is our first time creating PaleOMG tank tops and now I’m wondering why it didn’t happen earlier! I personally like my tank tops skin tight, but I know that’s not everyones jam. So we created tank tops that you can wear two ways – loose or tight! Both ways will show off the back muscles that you’ve been working hard on all summer with a slight open back look!

Shop White Tie Tank

Brand New PaleOMG Activewear

Of all the tank tops, this dove grey color color is by far the softest!! It’s like wearing butter. I know I said that above about the leggings, but it’s true. It’s so insanely soft!

Shop Dove Grey Tie Tank

Brand New PaleOMG Activewear

Even thought the dove grey is the softest, the black tank is the one I go back to over and over since it goes with almost any pair of leggings that I put on!

Shop Black Tie Tank 

Brand New PaleOMG Activewear

Now let’s talk about sizing! Four Athletics has a helpful size guide under each piece of clothing that compares their sizes to popular brands like Alo Yoga, lululemon, and Athleta. I’m personally a size 4 in lululemon leggings, bra, and tanks and and I wear a size 4 in Four Athletics, they fit exactly the same for me! For size reference, I’m 5’7″ and probably around 140lbs!

Brand New PaleOMG Activewear

And one last super brand new piece we are launching is my first ever PaleOMG gym bag! I wanted to come out with a gym that I could travel with (and did in Bali!), that would double as a backpack and toes, and that had a ton of space inside. Four Athletics helped source the perfect bag that suited all those needs! This PaleOMG Bag 13 pockets plus a computer pocket inside. It fits way more than you would think, but the best part – it’s made from recycled plastic bottles! So every bag that is made eliminates harmful plastic bottles from the planets oceans and water sources. So freaking cool! I love it so much!

Shop PaleOMG Bag

Brand New PaleOMG Activewear

Brand New PaleOMG Activewear

This collection will be available until midnight of September 26th! So you have 16 days to get your hands on this apparel and the new bag! After the 26th, the campaign will end and all the pieces will go to print and you will have them in a couple months! Four Athletics will keep you updated via email with when the pieces are being shipped so you can keep an eye out on your incoming mail! If you have any questions about these pieces or the gym bag, please leave them below and I’ll write back ASAP! And I’m also sharing a big giveaway below where you can either pin an image or tweet to enter the giveaway to win a piece from the collection! 10 winner will be chosen in a week and I will contact them directly!! Sign up before this giveaway ends! I truly could not be more excited for this collection to launch. You are going to be OBSESSED with these pieces. It’s all I’ve worn for the past 3 weeks because I love it all so much! And don’t forget to use code PaleOMG at checkout for 10% off your order!!

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