Turtle Brownies

Turtle Brownies

Sooooooo I’m not sure if I can really call this a recipe. Because some awesome brands have done all the work for me. In the past, I’ve always made my own brownies and caramel from scratch. But now that brands are listening to their consumers and creating healthier packaged options out there, I don’t have to work quite as hard at times. And it’s lovely! Because I would much prefer spend my time making savory dishes vs baked goods. In this recipe, you only need a couple products –

  1. Simple Mills Almond Flour Brownie Mix – The only ingredients you’ll find in these brownies include Almond Flour, Organic Coconut Sugar, Chocolate Chips (cane sugar, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter), Dutch Cocoa Powder, Tapioca Starch, Arrowroot, Sea Salt, and Baking Soda. How rad is that!
  2. Caramel – You have two options here depending if you consume dairy or not:
    1. Fat Toad Goat’s Milk Cinnamon Caramel – Goat’s Milk, Pure Cane Sugar, Baking Soda, Organic Cinnamon Sticks
    2. Date Lady Coconut Caramel Sauce – Organic Date Syrup, Organic Coconut Cream (Coconut, Water), Organic Coconut Oil, Vanilla Extract, Organic Baobab Powder, Pectin, Sea Salt

Instead of having to purchase almond flour, coconut sugar, tapioca flour, coconut cream, etc. etc. etc., all you need is a few products to make these decadent brownies for a special event!

PaleOMG Turtle Brownies

Speaking of a special event, this week we are hosting a progressive dinner night in our neighborhood! We have some pretty rad neighbors on our street. Right next door we have an awesome couple that moved in probably a year ago and they are the same age as us and so cool! Then a couple houses down there is another couple who we’ve become best friends with. We love them so much! We are even traveling to Cabo with them in a couple months for a little couples trip. Then there is this amazing woman who lives down the street and loves interior design and is so fun to hang out with. Plus there are a ton of other couples on our street with brand new little babes. We really got lucky with our street. So this week we are going from house to house to eat, drink, and get to know everyone a little more. We are hosting the dessert so I plan on making these brownies, Blueberry Crisp, and some gluten-free peanut butter cookies. Because who doesn’t love peanut butter? Psychopaths, that’s who. And those people are welcome in our home.

PaleOMG Turtle Brownies

So yes, we are pretty lucky on our street. BUT there are still some weirdos. Like this woman who was born in 1897 and constantly walks up and down the street, looking for someone to talk to, aka yell at. When we first moved in, I tried talking to her then immediately regretted that decision. She likes to talk about how much I paid for our house vs how much she paid for hers IN 1950. So strange there is a price difference 70 years later. And when we painted our ugly ass brick house, she told me it sticks out like a sore thumb. She also loves to call the cops on people. What a gem. She really needs a hobby. Or maybe a friend. I think she’s scared all hers away.

PaleOMG Turtle Brownies

We also have neighbors who I’m pretty sure sell drugs. I don’t think they do anymore, but for a solid year we had cars pulling up to their house, the teenage kid would walk out to the window and they would do a little trade, then the car would drive off. This happened multiple times a day, every day. And remember, weed is legal here. So what the hell is he selling?? And why the hell hasn’t the old lady on the street called the cops on him? She called the cops on a guy who didn’t mow his lawn, but she can’t call the cops on a kid who is probably selling meth? Come on now.

Surprise surprise…they aren’t invited to the progressive dinner night. Does that make us all mean girls? Yes. Yes it does. But that’s the thing about being an adult – you get to choose your friends! And I personally don’t want friends who have meth in their pockets and the cops on speed dial. But that’s just me.

PaleOMG Turtle Brownies

Turtle Brownies

Prep Time
10 minutes

Cook Time
25 minutes

Total Time
35 minutes


16 brownies

adjust servings



  1. Follow directions on the box to prep the brownies. Once the batter is poured into the baking dish, place the pecan throughout the top of the brownies. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Let brownies cool for about 20 minutes before cutting into them.
  2. Heat caramel through in the microwave or on the stovetop then top brownies off with caramel sauce and then sprinkle some flake salt on top!

by juli

Recipe Notes

*I used Fat Toad Goat’s Milk Cinnamon Caramel, but you could also do Date Lady Coconut Caramel Sauce for completely dairy-free caramel

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PaleOMG Turtle Brownies

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PaleOMG Turtle Brownies


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