A Day in the Life of a Full-Time Blogger

A Day in the Life of a Full-Time Blogger

Making the title ‘A Day in the Life…’ makes it sound like I’m about to share a really exciting daily story with you. But alas, my days are not that exciting. They are mostly spent on my phone or on my computer, at different coffee shops or on the couch at my house. But someone recently asked if I would share what an entire day looks like for me in hopes of having a little better understanding of what it might be like to work from home. A few months back I shared a blog post about How to Effectively Work From Home and many of those key points ring true for me day after day. I always create a schedule for myself the day before, I constantly change up my settings to help me stay on task and not get bored, and I take breaks throughout the day to give myself a little room to breathe.

I created a video of what my day looks like in real time and put it on my IGTV but I’ll also share it below! Every day is pretty different from the next, but what I’m almost always doing is writing and planning. Writing my instagram posts, writing my recipes, writing my blog posts, planning my upcoming blog posts, planning the photo shoots I need to get done, planning, writing, planning, writing. Some days I work out, some days I take Jackson for a long walk. Sometimes I cook for the blog, sometimes I write for the blog. But no matter what day it is, I’m almost always doing some sort of work for the blog because I love it so damn much!

Hopefully you guys find this even somewhat interesting. If not, that’s fair. But the video has Jackson getting hit by a sprinkle in the park so that’s pretty adorable, at least!

Here’s the breakdown of my day – 

5:25am – Wake up and make coffee

5:30am – Finish blog post for the day while snuggling with Jackson on the couch

6:15am – Since it was a rest day from the gym, I took Jackson to the park to get his morning exercise in

7:00am – Make a quick breakfast at home of arugula, roasted tomatoes, leftover breakfast sausage, and some garlic dip

8:00am – Shower and get ready (fully makeup and hair since it’s a filming day)

9:00am – Film travel pillow review video for IGTV

9:45am – Run errands: Dry cleaning then Whole Foods

10:30am – Create Chile Paloma recipe for the blog then photograph

11:15am – Clean up house and dishes from recipe development

12:00pm – Head to coffee shop for lunch, coffee and computer work

12:30-2:00pm – Edit photos, prep blog posts, and work on instagram posts

2:00-3:30pm – Meet a friend for coffee

4:00pm – Take outfit selfie photo with Jackson to share on instagram later

5:00pm – Back on couch to work on final computer work for the day – finish blog post and instagram posts

6:00pm – Make dinner

7:30pm – Film nightly skincare video to share on IGTV

8:00pm – Watch New Girl before bed

9:30pm – Call it a night and pass out

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