Makeup Primer Filled with Probiotics

Makeup Primer Filled with Probiotics

I LOVE trying new products. They use to intimidate me or I would be nervous that I would waste money on a product I didn’t like. But now I’m always ready to try something new just so I can tell you if I like it or not. Today I have something new that I LOVE. Actually I have two new products that I love! Both are from Tula, both smell amazing, and both work wonders.

PaleOMG - New Tula Products

Let’s first talk about about their newest product that launched today that I’m IN LOVE with – Tula’s new Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer. I just got my hands on this product earlier this week and began using it under my makeup, and guess what? It’s a thing of beauty! As soon as you rub this face filter into your skin, your face will immediately appear more luminous, less uneven, and it even helps to calm redness. Plus, unlike most primers on the market, this one is filled with probiotics and superfoods to help improve the look of skin over time!!

In each bottle of the face filter, you’ll find –

  • Chia seeds to increase the appearance of luminosity
  • Licorice to help even the look of skin tone
  • Turmeric to decreases appearance of redness and inflammation
  • Probiotics to help skin retain moisture
The face filter also contains special encapsulated skin blurring properties to instantly help smooth the look of uneven tone (redness in particular!) for a filter-like effect. This means it’s a great primer under makeup OR it looks great by itself! I wore this to the gym this other day when I needed a little extra glow and it made me feel like I had like makeup on! Plus it kept my skin hydrated throughout the entire workout, which I definitely can’t say about other primers I’ve used.

PaleOMG - New Tula Products
Now let’s talk about how to actually use it! I’ve going to share an instagram story today with how I use it myself, but I’ll share all the steps here, as well!!

  1. First I wash my face with Tula Purifying Cleanser to clean off anything from the day or night.
  2. Then every other or every third day, I scrub my skin with the BRAND NEW Tula So Polished Exfoliating Sugar Scrub to exfoliate any day skin cells away from smoother skin.
  3. Once I use all my serums, then I use the Tula Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer on top to smooth and even out my skin.
  4. And before I put on makeup, I put some Tula Glow & Get It Brightening Eye Balm under my eyes and around my orbital bone to help with dark circles, puffiness and hydration.
  5. Then I makeup and GO!

PaleOMG - New Tula Products

The new Tula So Polished Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is the perfect partner for the Face Filter because the sugar scrub buffs away any dirt, debris, and dead skin cells that are left behind on a daily basis. Then the Face Filter has a clean canvas to work with. The Sugar Scrub uses superfoods like pineapple and papaya extract to chemically exfoliate the skin, promoting radiance and locking in moisture. Unlike a lot of scrubs out there that strip the skin of moisture, this Sugar Scrub is packed with probiotics to help the skin maintain balance each day.

And all Tula’s products are 100% free from – Alcohol, Fragrance, Parabens, Phalates, Mineral Oil, Silicone, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. AND they are Cruelty-Free!

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And if you haven’t tried out Tula yet, don’t forget to use code PALEOMG at checkout to get 20% off your entire order!! Tula also has a ton of starter kits to help you figure out which products you like best, including the Glow for It Kit that includes the BACK IN STOCK Glow & Get It Brightening Eye Balm! I have LOVED using Tula and hopefully some of their products make you fall in love too! So excited for you guys to try these two new products! And be sure to check out my instagram stories today with how I use the products! I’ll make sure to add them to my highlights so you don’t miss them!

PaleOMG - New Tula Products


This post is brought to you by Tula, a product I use and truly love! This post contains some affiliate links and I may be compensated for this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for all your support!

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