From finding true love to falling off chairs, here are your stories from Colorado ski lifts

From finding true love to falling off chairs, here are your stories from Colorado ski lifts

Sometimes while riding a ski lift, a stranger becomes a friend. People embarrass themselves and laugh it off. They may get injured but can still find some humor in the retelling. They help each other out just because they can.

Those collective experiences are part of what makes skiing and snowboarding in Colorado so much fun. There are many of these stories floating around, and we wanted to hear them. So we asked, and you answered.

You told us about meeting your significant other. About your best friend in high school going to great lengths to win a competition. About the time the lift malfunctioned, the time you returned a phone and the time you tumbled out of the seat.

Here’s a selection of the anecdotes that readers submitted to Stories from the Lift.

Centsible decision

In high school, I was skiing Wolf Creek for a race when I was on The Broadmoor ski team. The race was canceled due to 2 feet of new snow (a typical occurrence at Wolf Creek). So I’m going up the lift with my best friend Gary. Suddenly, he goes, “Look! There’s a hundred-dollar bill in the snow!” I say that I’m going to beat him down to get it. So Gary jumps 25 feet off the lift into the powder. I was shocked. I look behind and he’s holding up the $100 bill, waving it with a smile on his face. Gary was always a risk-taker.

— Gibson Hazard, Colorado Springs

Bottoming out

During the 1950s and ’60s, the ski lift at Hidden Valley ski area near Estes Park was a long, steep rope tow. The tow had a metal clamp that was placed on the rope with a nylon cord that was attached to your waist. One day, I was leaning back and nearly to the top of the lift when the nylon cord broke. I went down the steep lift line backwards. Unfortunately, all of the skiers coming up behind me were mowed down like bowling pins. I was embarrassed, but no one was hurt.

— Clarence Kissler, Littleton

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