Effortlessly Creating Your 2019 Wardrobe

Effortlessly Creating Your 2019 Wardrobe

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Something I love to do is SHOP. I love finding outfits online or at a store and putting together an entire look from those pieces. But I understand not everyone has that same passion or excitement for shopping. A lot of people just simply have better things to do. Like hang out with their kids, go to brunch with their friends, travel, work, explore, and about a million other things, so shopping is at the bottom of that list. But I think it’s safe to say that all of us want to feel good in what we are wearing. We want to look in the mirror and be proud of what we look like when we head out the door to work, out to a restaurant or out on a date. We all want to feel our best, no matter the occasion.

PaleOMG- Effortlessly Creating Your 2019 Wardrobe

And if you’re one of those people that puts shopping at the bottom of your to-do list, well I have the perfect answer for you – Stitch Fix! I’ve worked with Stitch Fix for years now, even touring their facilities back in 2016! If you haven’t heard about Stitch Fix yet, they are a styling service that’s personalized to you. You’ll have your own personal stylist and you’ll be able to fit your style profile to your exact needs. In your profile you’ll be able to customize your size, the fit and cut your prefer with your clothing, your style, and your price point. That way your personal stylist can celebrate your unique look and lifestyle.

And Stitch Fix carries over 1000 brands, many that you may already know and love. Plus they carry their own exclusive labels to help you discover new favorite pieces with each box! And something I love most about Stitch Fix is they want to make sure every woman out there can find a look they love which means they carry sizes 0-3X, they have a maternity line, and they also carry petite sizes! And they even have clothing for kids AND men, so you can build a wardrobe for your entire family, all without even leaving the house!

PaleOMG - Effortlessly Creating Your 2019 Wardrobe

And one of the best parts about Stitch Fix is there is no subscription required! You can get a Fix anytime you want, either on-demand or on a regular cadence – every few 
weeks, once a month or every season. I recently received my own Fix and it came with 5 staples that are perfect for the chilly season. I got 2 sweaters, a Leo & Nicole Poncho Pullover and an RD Style Lace Up Pullover. Then I got the most comfortable pair of Free People Joggers and Spanx Pebbled Leggings. If you don’t have Spanx leggings in your life yet, get ready for your life to be changed! I wish my real butt looked like my Spanx butt. And last but not least, a Girly striped scarf. These are all items I want to wear almost daily here in Colorado throughout winter!

PaleOMG - Effortlessly Creating Your 2019 Wardrobe

And that is something I love about Stitch Fix– they can help you build your 2019 wardrobe. They make it so easy to feel good in your seasonal looks, no matter what occasion you have coming up. Do you have some weddings this summer that you need a few dresses for? You can tell your stylist that and they can put a specialty box together for you. Do you have a few interviews for a new job? You can get your box specifically filled with work attire. Every box you receive can have a different purpose so you wardrobe is filled with all kinds of different looks for each season and each event.

PaleOMG - Effortlessly Creating Your 2019 Wardrobe

So here’s how it works –

  1. Sign up at www.stitchfix.com, fill out an extensive style profile and one of their expert stylists will hand-select clothing and accessory items just for you – your preferred fit, budget and lifestyle. 

  2. Your Fix comes with 5-items hand-selected for your style and budget.
  3. You pay $20 to have your Fix curated by a personal stylist, which applies towards anything you keep. Returns are super easy and free. Keep what you love, send back the rest in your pre-paid envelope at any USPS mailbox. And if you keep all of 
your Stylist Picks, you get a 25% discount!

PaleOMG - Effortlessly Creating Your 2019 Wardrobe

It’s that easy! And remember, you choose how often you want to receive your Fix. You could get it every few weeks or just a few times a year. It’s completely up to you! And the best part? You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own couch. No heading to the mall on the weekends or spending hours combing through items online. Your stylist will do it all for you! You deserve to feel amazing in 2019, from head to toe. And Stitch Fix is here to make that a reality!

PaleOMG - Effortlessly Creating Your 2019 Wardrobe


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