5 ways to clean your house after the flu

5 ways to clean your house after the flu

DENVER — Flu season is ramping up here in Colorado, with hundreds of people already hospitalized. Anne Hart with the Colorado Visiting Nurse Association has five ways to clean your home and prevent the spread of the virus if sickness is running through your house.

“We want to be careful about the spread of flu,” Hart said.

So, grab some disinfectant wipes that kill viruses and follow these steps:

  1. Wipe down everything in your kitchen and bathrooms, including counters, the handles, the sinks and light switches.
  2. Wash all of the sick person’s bedding, pajamas and stuffed animals. Also, replace their tooth brush.
  3. Wash all the towels, making sure you never share with a sick person.
  4. Wipe down the frequently touched areas like door knobs, remote controls and railings.
  5. Wipe down all electronic devices like phones, computers and tablets.

Hart says the flu is nothing to mess around with this year, so it’s important to keep it contained.

“It’s a very serious disease, particularly to the very young, the very old or the immune compromised. Even if you feel like for yourself it’s just a matter of being deathly ill for ten days and you are willing to risk it, think about other people,” she said.



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