Denver girl in coma, suffering flu symptoms

Denver girl in coma, suffering flu symptoms

AURORA, Colo. — Selina Nguyen, 7, is in a coma at Children’s Hospital, according to family members. The girl started suffering flu symptoms just before Christmas. Her mom says Selina is now in the fight of her young life.

“The doctors say they cannot do anything anymore for her,” Selina’s mom, Hee Vo, said.

Vo fought back tears Wednesday night as she talked about her daughter.

“She is a very, very good girl,” Vo told FOX31. “She has a good heart.”

Selina started showing classic flu symptoms just before Christmas, according to Vo. It took only a day for her fever to become severe. Vo says her daughter started to vomit and then she started shaking. That’s when Vo called 911.

Nearly 600 people across Colorado have been hospitalized so far this flu season, according to state statistics.

Selina’s family, hoping for a miracle, is asking for prayers.



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