Chocolate Tahini Cookies

Chocolate Tahini Cookies


Hi hi hi!! I need to send a little apology out for not having a blog post up yesterday. On Thursday night, things got a little weird in our house when Jackson (our little pup) began getting constantly sick. We ended up going to the emergency vet on Thursday and he had to move to three different vet offices. At this point, he’s up at Colorado State University in their vet school because he may need dialysis. At one point, we really weren’t sure if he would make it through the night. But he has crushed it and he continues to look better each day. All of this to say, the blog has come second to the pup. I’m hoping I can get things back on track today once I head up to Fort Collins (it’s about an hour and a half from our house) to get a hotel nearby. That way I can easily visit him without all the driving. Fingers crossed for progress today!! If you’re a puppy lover like me, I’m sharing regular updates on my instagram stories!

PaleOMG Chocolate Tahini Cookies

But let’s talk about something a little less heavy. Like cookies. Cookies totally aren’t heavy, right? Right. Well I don’t know if you’ve played around much with tahini, but I sure have and I’m in love. Tahini is freaking delicious. I use it in my Ginger Tahini Cookies, it’s awesome in Loaded Cauliflower Hummus, and I love it in my Tahini Pistachio Banana Bread. If you don’t know what tahini even is, I’ll tell you – it’s ground up sesame seeds. Just like how they make almond butter or peanut butter. The sesame seeds give the tahini is smooth, rich flavor with a bit of bitterness, but in a good way. So when you mix it with a little maple sugar, it’s  just simply delicious!

PaleOMG Chocolate Tahini Cookies

Are you doing a holiday cookie swap this year?! I always love that idea, but then I have 39301139248 cookies at my house with no self control. I really envy the people who can have treats around and not go HAM on all of them. Whenever I make treats, they either leave my house immediately OR I freeze them. And since I have a ton of meat in my freezer, the treats normally get lost until they have frostbite and I’m so desperate for a Friday night treat I eat them anyways. Nothing like stale treats to satisfy that sweet tooth. Anywho, I’m still crazy distracted with worry for my little pup so I’m going to get a move on! So excited to have him home someday soon.

PaleOMG Chocolate Tahini Cookies

Chocolate Tahini Cookies

Prep Time
10 minutes

Cook Time
15 minutes

Total Time
25 minutes


16 cookies

adjust servings



  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. In a large bowl, mix together tahini and maple sugar using a large spoon. Then add egg and mix again until well combined.
  3. Then add tapioca and coconut flour, cocoa powder baking soda, vanilla, and salt and mix until completely combined.
  4. Place sesame seeds in a bowl.
  5. Use a cookie scoop to scoop out around 2 tablespoons of dough and make into a round ball and set aside. This dough will create 16 cookies. Once all cookies are shaped, roll in sesame seeds to completely cover each cookie and place throughout the baking sheet.
  6. Place baking sheet into the oven and bake for 15 minutes.
  7. Remove from oven and let cool for 5-10 minutes until removing from baking sheet to place on cooling rack. If you try to remove these from the baking sheet early, they will come apart. So don’t be stupid here. Patience is a virtue!
  8. Then all you have to do is chow down!

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PaleOMG Chocolate Tahini Cookies

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PaleOMG Chocolate Tahini Cookies


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