Black Friday Sales & Deals

Black Friday Sales & Deals

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It’s Black Friday time!! And I’m here to help you find the best deals in town! But the thing about being in New Zealand in a rented apartment that somehow has no wifi (WTF!) is that it’s hard to scour the internet for all the exact sale details. Since I’m currently on a personal hotspot that is probably costing a bazillion dollars and it continues to fail on me, I should probably cut it short until I get to a coffee shop tomorrow am to finish things up for you. So apologies ahead of time for the not-so-detailed blog post. You know that’s not my style but things definitely don’t always go according to plan when you’re across the world. In this post I’ve listed all my favorite companies that I shop with the most OR want to shop with now that deals are being thrown around today! I’ll be sure to update this list as soon as I can! Sorry again for the less than exciting post!

Some of My Favorite Companies I Love the Mostest!

  • ButcherBox – FREE Ultimate Steak Sampler (2 Ribeyes, 2 NY Strips, and 2 Filet Mignons – $70 value)
  • Four Athletics – Buy any PaleOMG product from my past campaigns and you’ll receive a FREE Jackson t-shirt – Use code PALEOMGBF
  • Primally Pure – FREE deodorant (you choose the scent!) when you spend $60 or more!
  • Thrive Market – Extra 30% Off with Code BF30


Skincare & Beauty

Home & Decor


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