Artist of Breckenridge troll says town is allowing him to rebuild it

Artist of Breckenridge troll says town is allowing him to rebuild it

There’s been another twist in the Breckenridge troll drama.

Thomas Dambo, the Danish artist behind Breckenridge’s popular wooden troll Isak Heartstone, posted on Instagram Friday that town council offered him the chance to rebuild the public art piece somewhere else after it was taken down Thursday.

“The city took him gently apart, and once the snow melts, I will be back to rebuild him in a new location,” he wrote.

In the post, Dambo says the town offered two new locations: Illinois Creek behind the Stephen C. West Ice Arena and along the River Trail near Breckenridge Recreation Center.

This latest development was first reported by Summit Daily, which has been following the troll’s progress since the drama began.

Isak Heartstone was built for Breckenridge’s summer arts festival. Dambo was given a $40,000 commission for the piece. The troll is one of 40 trolls made from recycled wood around the world. He sat about a mile up the Wellington Trail and quickly became wildly popular, sparking tension with neighbors.

Nearby homeowners took their concerns about illegal parking, littering and a loss of privacy, among other things, to the town council, which on Tuesday voted to tear Isak down. The structure was initially intended to stay up for as long as it weathered the elements, which was expected to be roughly three years.

Dambo reacted to the council’s decision by putting a plea on social media to save Isak Heartstone’s removal, asking for the chance to relocate him to a new home.



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