Testing My Thyroid Levels (+special discount to test your own!)

Testing My Thyroid Levels (+special discount to test your own!)

I think I’ve become a bit obsessed with these EverlyWell tests. So far, I’ve tested my Food Sensitivities, my Metabolism, and my Vitamin D & Inflammation. And I really wanted to test my fertility BUT since I’m on birth control, that’s not recommended. So this time around, when EverlyWell asked me to share another post with you guys, I decided to test out my thyroid! And every time I take these tests, I continually wish I would have had these tests around for the time a few years ago when my health was really struggling. They would have been so incredibly helpful at getting my life together sooner rather than later. Even though I slowly got my life together on my own, these tests now are still super eye opening and can make your health struggles easier to figure out!

So let’s talk about the thyroid. Because even though I think more and more people are becoming aware of what their thyroid does, it’s still a bit of a mystery. The thyroids primary control is regulating metabolism. Low thyroid function can cause us to gain weight or feel tired. But on the other spectrum, if the thyroid is over functioning, can cause irregular heart beats, excessive sweating, weight loss, and even weak bones. About 20 million Americans suffer from a thyroid disorder and most are not aware of it.

EverlyWell tests the thyroid-related hormones – T3 and T4 in their Thyroid Test. These are the two active hormones that influence metabolism. It also tests TPO antibodies (antibodies that can bind to thyroid enzymes and prevent normal thyroid function) and TSH (the hormone responsible for controlling hormone production by the thyroid gland).

But that stuff is super boring to me. Let’s talk about what factors play into our thyroid function.

  1. Stress. Stress can cause high or low cortisol levels which can cause high or low blood sugar. These imbalances and adrenal stress can directly impact the thyroid.
  2. Exercise. Maintaining a regular exercise routine that includes aerobic or moderately strenuous exercises can boost your thyroid hormone levels and promote a healthy basal metabolic rate.
  3. Iodine. This one surprised me…since I really don’t know much about iodine. But it is required to make thyroid hormones. And since our bodies don’t make iodine, we need to have sources of it in our diet.

Now let’s share my results! I wasn’t surprised to see my levels were pretty normal all throughout. Since I keep my stress levels rather low most of the time and I exercise regularly without overdoing it, I wasn’t too worried about my thyroid level. With normal levels of T3 and T4, you’ll often see a normal metabolsim, temperature regulation, and normal menstrual cycles. All three of these things are exactly what I experience. I never miss a period and my metabolism is pretty normal, as long as I’m not eating like an idiot.

PaleOMG Thyroid Test Results

Something I really had no idea about until I took this test is that the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) imbalances have been shown to decrease fertility, either through interfering with the menstrual cycle or causing lack of ovulation (releasing eggs from the ovaries). Since I don’t know much about the human body…or science…or really anything…I had no clue that the thyroid played a part in fertility. And I think more women should really be aware of it.

PaleOMG Testing Thyroid Levels

Even though my results from my EverlyWell thyroid test didn’t mean any major life-changes for me, it was still really cool to see that my daily habits and routines have paid off longterm. Years ago I use to work out multiples times a day, I didn’t sleep enough, I constantly stressed about my weight, and because of that, my body pushed back. If I would have had some information like this, I could have taken a better look in the mirror and understood what was going on and why. But instead, it took me years to understand and even longer to repair. Life is funny.

If you haven’t checked out EverlyWell yet, they have quite a few tests to choose from. You can test things like Heavy Metals, STDs, or Breast Milk DHA plus a ton of others. EverlyWell makes it so easy! It completely removes any of the hassle of having to go to the doctor, pay the co-pay fee, get a referral, go somewhere to take the test, wait to hear back from the doctor, and all the other inconvenient steps along the way. I’m not saying it’s a replacement for a doctor whatsoever – they just make it easier to get some answers a little quicker! I had my results in just 5 days after I sent the test back in! And right now EverlyWell is offering PaleOMG readers a special discount to try out their kits in the convenience of their own home! When you use code PALEOMG at checkout, you’ll get 15% off your test order! Click here to see all the tests and get your discount before it ends! And if you’ve taken your own EverlyWell test already, let me know what you’ve thought!!


This post is brought to you by EverlyWell, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for all your support!

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