Billboards warn of ‘fake’ health centers

Billboards warn of ‘fake’ health centers

DENVER — Some new billboards up around Denver warn pregnant women about so-called “Fake Health Centers.”

They say, “In Your Neighborhood: Fake Health Center.”  There are some in English and some in Spanish.

“We believe that these fake clinics are harmful,” said Dusti Gurule, executive director for the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights, the group that put up the billboards.

“They do not offer abortion care at the clinics. They in fact provide inaccurate medical information,” she said.

Gurule says COLOR has identified about 70 pregnancy crisis centers in Colorado that she calls “fake.”

“There are very few of them that actually have licensed medical professionals working in them,” she said.

She believes they target communities that are vulnerable and put up barriers to abortion care.

The billboards are getting a lot of attention, but some people disagree with the message.

Jo Scott and Leslie Hanks with American Right to Life were on a ladder outside Planned Parenthood hoping to talk to women over the fence.

“We like to say that there’s help across the street where they honor life,” said Hanks.

She sends women across the street to Marisol Health.

Sara Lugo, Marisol Health Program Director, said in part in an email,  “With Marisol Health’s special partnership with Bella Natural Women’s Care and Family Wellness, we have fully licensed medical professionals, who embrace individuals and families in need with life-affirming medical care and social services. Marisol Health provides a full range of women’s health and family health services.”



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