Lakewood woman conquers rain, coldest Boston Marathon in 3 decades rocking her Red Rocks poncho

Lakewood woman conquers rain, coldest Boston Marathon in 3 decades rocking her Red Rocks poncho

With a driving rain compounding the misery of the coldest Boston Marathon in three decades, Lakewood’s Chris Rodriguez ran from start to finish on Monday clad in a Red Rocks Amphitheater rain poncho. About 10 miles into the race, it became a conversation piece when she heard a woman’s voice behind her.

“She said, ‘I really like your poncho, Red Rocks!’ ” Rodriguez said. “Then she came up beside me, I turned and looked at her and I said, ‘It’s the coolest concert venue there is, have you ever been there?’ She said, ‘Yeah, I’m from Denver.’ Those little things add a good karma to your race.”

Boston runners needed all the help they could get on Monday. Temperatures hovered just over 40 degrees and 20-mph headwinds drove sheets of rain for the 122nd running of the iconic race. Many of the elite runners dropped out during the race including American star Galen Rupp.

“It was horrible,” said Rodriguez, 61, who finished in four hours, 15 minutes. “My whole body was seizing up, my back, even my stomach. I was walking and running the last five miles. I was so cold, I know this sounds weird, it’s like everything starts cramping, you start to lose it. People were changing (after the race) in lobbies of whatever was open, people put a towel up, because you had to get out of your wet clothes.”

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Rodriguez previously ran the Boston Marathon in 2004 and 2005. In 2004 she experienced the other extreme, running on a brutal day when the high temperature hit 86 degrees and hundreds of runners went to the hospital with heat-related problems.

“This was harder,” Rodriguez said, “by a long shot.”

Runners did everything they could to protect themselves from the conditions, losing any sense of vanity. Rodriguez ran the whole way wearing a shower cap.

“You wouldn’t believe all the people that were wearing them,” Rodriguez said. “This one guy had a polka dot one, it was kind of cute. Normally you think, ‘That looks dorky,’ but everybody was in survival mode.”



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