Study: Air hand dryers spread germs

Study: Air hand dryers spread germs

WASHINGTON — Washing your grubby mitts is one of the best ways to cut your chances of getting sick and spreading harmful germs to others.

But a study might make you think twice before you use air hand dryers in public restrooms.

Researchers at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine found the dryers might suck in bacteria from flushing toilets and spread it onto hands.

The study shows bathrooms without hand dryers had just six pathogens compared to 254 in bathrooms with hand dryers.

University of Arizona microbiologist Dr. Chuck Gerba said the study hints that places such as health care facilities might want to ditch the dryers and turn to trusty towels.

That’s the best way to do it. You’re not blowing air around the facility and it’s effective.

For those at home who are looking for ways to keep their hands clean, Gerba said hand sanitizer is just as effective.



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