Blueberry Protein Smoothie Bowl (+ cooking video AND special event details!)

Blueberry Protein Smoothie Bowl (+ cooking video AND special event details!)


Well hello from snowy Colorado! We haven’t had much snow at all this year and today we are waking up in a little winter wonderland…that I’m sure will be gone by 4pm since it’s suppose to be 50 degrees today. I know we need more moisture but I have LOVED not living in a snowy state this year. We’ve probably only had 5 or 6 snowstorms and none of them have been that bad…except for the one where I was driving home from Crested Butte and almost went off a bridge…twice. That was totes fun.

Speaking of the mountains, I think my SIL and I might head up to Steamboat Springs for the weekend. I really only do these trips for her because I personally hate driving in the mountains and I hate snow. But I do like cute little towns with delicious food sooooo I’m willing to make an exception since she loves it. In my 30 years in Colorado, I’ve never been to Steamboat and that’s offensive. So we might head up there for Easter Weekend and do some exploring. Have YOU ever been to Steamboat? If you have, do you have any recommendations for things to do there OTHER than skiing and snowboarding? We were going to hip up Strawberry Hot Springs and maybe snowshoe, but if you know anything better, let me know!

PaleOMG Blueberry Protein Smoothie Bowl

OMG GUESS WHAT?!! It’s official! I’m hosting my first meet-up in Denver all thanks to Tula! So if you’re in Denver, here are all the details – on Sunday, April 15th, 2018 at Just Be Kitchen, me and Tula will host an intimate and fun afternoon chatting about wellness, healthy living, fitness, and skincare. Then I will do a little question and answer session. And then anyone who attends will get a Tula skincare consultations, some light snacks, and grab bags! There will be two times to choose from – 3:00 pm & 6:00 pm!

I’ve always wanted to host a meet-up but I wasn’t sure what it would look like and Tula is making it all possible! And how rad is it that it’s at my favorite restaurant in town Just Be Kitchen, who just kicked off their dinner menu last night! Eeeeeeek I’m so pumped!! Don’t forget to purchase your tickets today here!

And in the meantime, if you are coming to the Denver meet-up OR if I were to ever do a meet-up in your area, what kind of topics would you like me to talk about? Is there any questions you would have? I want everyone to feel like they got the most out of this meet-up and then hopefully be able to do more in the future. So what questions would you have and would you want to chat more about?! I need your help!!

PaleOMG Blueberry Protein Smoothie Bowl

Blueberry Protein Smoothie Bowl

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 0:05

Serves 1-2     adjust servings


For garnish


  1. Blend all ingredients together.
  2. Pour into bowl and top with all garnishes before eating up with a spoon.

by juli

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PaleOMG Blueberry Protein Smoothie Bowl

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PaleOMG Blueberry Protein Smoothie Bowl


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