Keeping Your Face Hydrated Through Winter (+ special discount & announcement!)

Keeping Your Face Hydrated Through Winter (+ special discount & announcement!)

One of the biggest issues I run into while living in Colorado is dry skin. Every inch of my body is dry. But I refuse to let my face get dry in any capacity because not only does that normally lead to break outs, but it just adds a couple years to the face over time. AND I REFUSE TO AGE! Kidding…kind of. So I am constantly applying hydrating products over some of the products that may dry my skin out. Things like mandelic acid, Vitamin C and Retin A, which I apply daily, can often dry out my skin if I’m not paying attention to my hydration routine.

Luckily, Tula has insanely hydrating products that I’ve been obsessed with ever since I tried them last summer. And they are constantly adding to their line with new innovative creams and masks! Just this month, they launched their Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream! This cream is an amazingly hydrating, lightweight, oil-free moisturizer. You put it on thinking it will stay heavy on your skin, but it’s so lightweight and leaves your skin silky smooth. In just 2 pumps of this gel cream, your skin will go from red and irritated, to hydrated and plump. And you know I’m ALL about that plump face! I’ve been using this gel cream whenever my skin needs a little extra hydration before I put my makeup on!

Keeping Your Face Hydrated Through Winter (+ special discount & announcement!)

But another product that has worked wonders for keeping my face hydrated through winter is Tula’s Kefir Ultimate Recovery Mask. This mask is unlike any other mask I’ve ever tried. You apply the mask in a thick layer then leave it on for 10-15 minutes and you’ll feel it start to cool. Then once you remove it with a damp towel, you have smooth, glowing, hydrated skin. You skin seriously feels buttery soft after and so much more hydrated than 15 minutes earlier! And since it’s made from Kefir, it’s loaded with probiotics, vitamins and mineral to help the skin lock in moisture and glow throughout the rest of your day!

Now for two more products I absolutely cannot live without! I’m actually out of one and slightly freaking out about it. As soon as I finish this post, it’s off to place a Tula order because I can already notice the difference in my skin from not using the Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment. I always go back and forth about which Tula product is my favorite, but after adding Retin A back into my skin routine, the Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment completely saved my skin from dryness and irritation during this insanely dry Colorado winter. I (normally) use this product every single night and my skin wakes up hydrated, plump and still locked in with moisture, all because of this amazing cream. I love it so freaking much! While I’ve been out of my Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment Cream, I’ve been using their Hydrating Day & Night Cream to keep moisture locked in until I get my next Tula order!

And last but not least, a product I mention every time because I love so much – their Illuminating Serum. It’s not quite as much for hydration, but it still adds great moisture to my daily skin routine. This lightweight serum targets the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation and dull skin, and reveals a youthful glow and brightened complexion. I use it daily to help my skin glow with or without makeup!

Hydrate & Help Your Skin Glow with Tula

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And right now, you can hydrate your skin for 20% off when you use the code PALEOMG. That’s valid site-wide on Tula! And just a heads up to any of you awesome Canada people – TULA HAS LAUNCHED IN CANADA! And the PALEOMG code works for any Canada readers, too!! Yay Canada! So excited to go to Vancouver next month and experience Canada for the first time!

BUT WAIT, I have a special announcement! Well, it’s more of a teaser than an announcement. It’s time to mark your calendars if you are in the Denver area on April 15th because I’m working with Tula to host a special event for any PaleOMG readers that want to come have a cocktail, a snack and chat about all things paleo, health, skincare and anything in between! We will have all sorts of goodies for anyone who attends and it will just be a fun event with amazing brands and people! I will be announcing full details soon on social media and my blog so be sure to stay tuned because spots will be limited! So excited to finally host a meet-up since I’ve never done that other than my book tour stops! Hope some of you amazing people can make it!


This post is brought to you by Tula, a product I use and truly love! This post contains some affiliate links and I may be compensated for this post, but all opinions are my own. This compensation helps with expenses to keep this blog up and running! Thank you for all your support!

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