Watchdog group claims it found asbestos in Claire’s make-up

Watchdog group claims it found asbestos in Claire’s make-up

A new controversy is brewing for Claire’s.  A consumer watchdog group says it found asbestos in three of the make-up products marketed to young girls.  Claire’s is denying the claims and firing back.

The Colorado Public Interest Research Group says they tested 15 make-up products from multiple companies, and three from Claire’s tested positive for asbestos.  Here are their findings:

“There’s no safe levels for asbestos, and so it’s unacceptable to have asbestos in makeup,” said Danny Katz, the director of the Colorado Public Interest Research Group Foundation.  “Asbestos is really dangerous.  You can inhale it or you can ingest it, and it can lead to lung cancer, mesothelioma, and it also, over time, if you apply it to your skin can increase the risk of skin cancer,” Katz said.

But Claire’s is categorically denying the claims of asbestos in their make-up.  In an email to the Problem Solvers, Claire’s claims that the testing methods used were obsolete and unreliable, and they claim their own independent testing confirms the products are asbestos free.  These products have not been removed from store shelves.

If there is asbestos in make-up, how worried should parents be?  “I wouldn’t be too worried,” said Dr. Robert Domaleski of Englewood Family Physicians.  He believes the exposure in make-up is small, and the duration is limited.

Still CoPIRG is asking Claire’s to remove the make-up, and they are asking the FDA to take action.



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