Pre-game hot wings rated in Restaurant Report Card

Pre-game hot wings rated in Restaurant Report Card

DENVER — There is a big football game this weekend, so Restaurant Report Card turns its attention to hot spots for hot wings this week.

Woody’s Wings N Things and Gourmet Chinese

Tri-County Health Department inspectors cited the Westminster Wings location for nine critical health code violations in November 2017. The critical mistakes included:

  • Rodent droppings
  • No hot water sink
  • Food on floor
  • Raw beef stored next to veggies

The restaurant did not return our calls so we went by for a look. Employee Sarry Pen said, “Yeah, we’ve corrected all the problems we had on all the violations.”

Woody’s Wings N Things and Gourmet Chinese is located at 6817 Lowell Boulevard in Westminster.

Buffalo Wild Wings

The Aurora location in Southlands Mall failed with 11 critical violations cited during their last two unannounced inspections in November 2017 and 2016.

The issues included:

  • Employees washing hands for less than 20 seconds
  • Cheese, chicken and pork held too warm
  • Utensils soiled with food debris

Buffalo Wild Wings’ media representative failed to return our calls and emails so we stopped by. A manager said, “I’ll have to direct you to our media department. I’m not able to talk to you.”

Buffalo Wild Wings located on Main Street in Aurora passed its follow up inspection.

CD’s Wings

The “A” score goes to three-time winner CD’s Wings in Westminster for two perfect inspections in a row.

Owner Ryan Schwarz said, “We’ve been in business a long time and customer safety is most important to us. So going through the check list, having our managers double check what  our employees are doing … that’s pretty much how we do things; check lists. I’d say it’s been pretty easy as long as you’re following a check list and making sure your managers are following through checking up on employees, it’s pretty easy.”

How restaurants appear on the Report Card

Restaurant Report Card features health inspections in the city and county of Denver, Jefferson County, Weld County, Broomfield and restaurants under the jurisdiction of the Tri-County Health Department. The Tri-County Health Department includes Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas counties.

An inspection is a “snapshot” of what is happening during the day and time of the inspection. On any given day, a restaurant could have more or fewer violations than noted in an inspection. Also, at the time of an inspection, violations are recorded and can be corrected prior to the inspector leaving the restaurant. If violations are not corrected, a follow-up inspection is scheduled.

The criteria FOX31 Denver uses to give a restaurant a failing grade includes the evaluation of two unannounced inspections by county health inspectors. A failing restaurant must have five or four critical violations on their most recent regular inspection and five or four critical violations on the previous regular inspection. The restaurant may also fail for nine or ten or more violations in one inspection. Health inspectors may conduct critical or follow-up inspections, due to the number of critical violations found during a regular inspection. Those inspections may also be considered for our reports. We recognize restaurants with two regular inspections in a row, with no critical violations, by awarding them an A.

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