5 Ways to keep your home clean this flu season

5 Ways to keep your home clean this flu season

DENVER – With a newborn baby, Channel 2 producer Amanda Larson is doing everything she can to keep her Denver home free of the flu. “The first three, four weeks we didn`t go anywhere public,” Larson said.

To find out the best way to keep a home clean during flu season, we went to Grace Nelson, with the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment.  She says, “The biggest areas to focus on are on are hard surfaces like handles,” she said. The flu virus can spread quickly, she said, and can survive in your home for about 24 to 48 hours.

Here are five ways to prevent flu from taking over your house:

  1. Clean and wipe down handles, door knobs and switches as often as you can to kill the flu virus.
  2. Be careful what you bring into the house. Wash your hands, leave your shoes at the door and don’t put your purse onto the counter.
  3. Use paper towels instead of hand towels.
  4. Clean your electronics. Use appropriate wipes to clean keyboards, remotes, video games and devices.
  5. Take care of your toothbrush. Don’t leave it by the sink where it can be exposed to germs, and if you get the flu, get rid of it.


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