Flash Sale – Meal Planning Made Easy with PaleOMG & Real Plans

Flash Sale – Meal Planning Made Easy with PaleOMG & Real Plans

With parents back at work and kids back in school, it can be a tad more challenging to create meals for the whole family that everyone loves. Maybe someone doesn’t like eggs or another person doesn’t eat meat or you’re just trying to stay away from dairy. No matter what restrictions you have in your own diet or household, Real Plans has you covered!

Real Plans is one of the most comprehensive and powerful meal planning services right at your fingertips. They make planning your weeknight dinners, quick morning meals and even afternoon snacks easier than ever. No more guessing on how to make the whole family happy because Real Plans makes it easier than ever. Click here to see a full video of how Real Plans works!

Real Plans provides a mobile-friendly shopping list, an easy-to-edit weekly meal plan, and hundreds of delicious, PaleOMG recipes! No seriously, you can find around 700 of my recipes in the meal planner on your computer or on your phone! And their meal planner tells you what to buy, when to eat it, and how to make it. They even remind you what you need to thaw out and prep ahead of time to make it easier than ever!

Real Plans is constantly listening to their user feedback and updating their app regularly. And because of that, you can find different options to make every meal so damn easy!

  • Sick of eggs? Use the filters to exclude them from breakfast that week
  • Short on time? Set the planner to include only recipes that take under 30 minutes.
  • In love with your Instant Pot? Schedule a dinner date with it every Thursday.
  • Hosting friends? Portion sized are a breeze to adjust.

Flash Sale - Meal Planning Made Easy with PaleOMG & Real Plans

And right now, you can get your first month of Real Plans + PaleOMG’s recipe package for only $7 (normally $15)*. If meal planning doesn’t rock your world, simply cancel after 30 days. Otherwise, we’ll lock in your annual price and charge the remaining $77 the next month. And act fast because this is a flash sale and prices will go back up 11:59pm PST on Monday October 16th!

*30 day money back guarantee does not apply to this offer

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