Weekend Link Love — Edition 480

Weekend Link Love — Edition 480

weekend_linklove in-lineResearch of the Week

Postprandial insulin response just might be the best early predictor of diabetes and heart disease risk.

The average prehistoric woman had stronger arms than today’s average elite woman rower.

It doesn’t matter if you’re healthy. Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages still isn’t good for your vascular function.

Artificial light at night is a novel risk factor for cancer morbidity and metabolic disorders.

Carb restriction paired with interval training is still the best treatment for metabolic dysfunction.

New Primal Blueprint Podcasts

Episode 197: Jacques DeVore: I chat with Jacques DeVore, top strength and conditioning coach, about his revolutionary new book and program for cyclists. Bicycling Maximum Overload for Cyclists shows cyclists how to increase speed and athletic longevity in half the training time.

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Interesting Blog Posts

Merely thinking you exercise less than your peers—even if it isn’t true—is bad for your longevity.

If you take biotin, know that it can throw off the results of certain lab tests.

Media, Schmedia

Uptown and downtown New York City rats are diverging into different species.

Sprucing up, refining, and retelling your family story can improve your family’s future.

Everything Else

In case you were wondering what to do with all those empty Primal Kitchen mayo jars

Graphene-fed spiders spin webs that rival the strength of kevlar.

Prehistoric global warming probably made this all possible by melting the glaciers and flushing nutrients into the ocean, kickstarting the development of complex organic life.

If free will exists, modern media is an assault on it.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Article I enjoyed: Modern sports as proxy for war between tribes.

I gotta say, I’m disappointed: The remains of 9 yetis turn out to be the remains of 8 bears and a dog.

Concept I’m pondering: What Western parents don’t teach their children.

Harvey Weinstein would agree: “It seems downright silly and certainly maladaptive for an animal to have sex with a plant.”

I’d certainly prefer it over vainly struggling on life support: LSD for the terminally ill.

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Dec 3– Dec 9)

Comment of the Week

I’m talking about it! Talked about it right here on the Primal Blueprint Podcast, in fact. ? http://blog.primalblueprint.com/episode-174-amy-berger/

– Indeed, Amy. Folks who like their brains should check out her great book on the subject, The Alzheimer’s Antidote.

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